Attainia/Accruent Webinar Event

How to Reduce Costs by Analyzing and Operationalizing Capital Medical Equipment Data

Have you struggled to understand the total cost of ownership of your capital medical equipment investments? How would real-world data about reliability and life expectancy inform your equipment purchasing decisions? Have you been in a position where critical equipment’s end of life happened before you had a replacement ready to go?

Equipment choices, maintenance costs and life expectancy implications affect your ability to protect revenue for your organization and ensure excellence and continuity in patient care. Understanding how to access and operationalize reliability data will help you reduce operating cost without adding additional headcount, better manage recall risk, schedule optimal replacement priorities, all while maintaining high levels of patient satisfaction.

Attainia and Accruent, leaders in medical equipment management data and technology, have partnered to deliver a unique solution that proactively addresses all of these critical challenges to provide total-cost-of-ownership insight and help guard you from sub-optimal equipment choices and overspend.

Key topics covered:

  • How accessing the right data at the right time can help you make better informed equipment decisions
  • How data can help you drive equipment standards and ensure contract compliance
  • How data can be used to reduce costs today and ensure the equipment you’re investing in is reliable
  • The optimal time to evaluate equipment reliability and life expectancy data
  • How to use reliability data to streamline predictive maintenance and reduce downtime

This presentation is ideal for:

  • Healthcare CFOs and finance professionals
  • Medical equipment planners
  • Supply chain professionals
  • Clinical engineers
  • Procurement
  • Facilities / materials managers

Featured presenters

michael garel

Michael Garel
Director – Data Strategy, Accruent

mike burns

Mike Burns
VP Sales, Attainia

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