How to Incorporate Lean Principles into Medical Equipment Planning and Space Design

Join us for a very informative presentation where Susan Rachtman from The Rachtman Group discusses the basics of applying Lean principles in healthcare to eliminate waste that, in turn, will help guide design layout and influence equipment selection and the buying decision. She provides a basic understanding of what Lean is about and how it can help providers become more efficient with better outcomes. Susan shares her experiences and demonstrates practical adaptive design applications of how Lean methodology can eliminate wasteful practices and improve efficiencies now, and into the future—especially during these new norms when flexibility is key.

Key topics covered in this presentation:

  • How healthcare providers can apply Lean principles to improve workplace processes
  • How to apply the 5-Steps to Lean Thinking
  • How simple Lean Tools can be utilized during the design phase of a project
  • Examples of practical solutions in specific areas that will improve user workflow efficiencies and eliminate wasteful practices

This presentation is ideal for:

  • Architects
  • Facility Managers
  • Healthcare Designers
  • Materials Management
  • Medical Equipment Planners
  • Supply Chain

Featured Presenter

Susan Rachtman

Susan Rachtman – EDAC
Green Belt Lean Certified for Healthcare
Medical Equipment Planner

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