COVID-19 Response: How to Implement Designs in Traditional and Non-Traditional Healthcare Environments

This #AttainiaNation’s master class hosted by Paladin Healthcare LLC President Gary M. Schindele, FHFI, where he will present on how to identify the key elements needed to plan for a mass casualty event. He discusses traditional and non-traditional point-of-care options and their design considerations based on real-world, evidence-based experiences. Gary also presents about the daily challenges some hospitals face when managing surge populations and how to design for those situations.

Key topics that are covered:

  • Options for designing surge patient care spaces as part of any healthcare facility, now and in the future.
  • How to manage the maximum amount of patients safely with the minimum amount of risk in a limited physical area.
  • What alternatives to hospitals may be available in a mass casualty event.
  • The role that regulatory agencies play in limiting responsiveness, and how everyone can work together to facilitate change.
  • What we have learned so far from the COVID-19 response.

This presentation is ideal for:

  • Medical Equipment Planners
  • Facility Planners
  • Emergency Management Team Leaders
  • Facility Managers
  • Healthcare Designers
  • Emergency Nursing Managers
  • Clinical Consultants

Guest Speaker

Gary M. Schindele

Gary M. Schindele, FHFI
President, Paladin Healthcare LLC

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