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Attainia has been in the business of providing capital lifecycle management solutions to the healthcare market for over a decade. Attainia is not only a software solutions provider, but also a data analytics and market intelligence company

About Us

Our Values and Culture

Attainia’s mission is to provide software applications and business intelligence to help create and maintain the most modern, capable, and cost efficient healthcare facilities for clinicians and patients

Agile Teams

Join a team of highly talented full stack engineers to develop the latest evolution of Attainia’s PLAN, PREDICT, and BUDGET software.

We Move Quickly

Improvement is about change.  Attainia strives to learn quickly and make positive changes in the healthcare capital equipment space.


Attainia strives for constant optimization and improvement.  By leveraging data, we can continue to use a data-based method to continue optimizing our customer experience across all departments.

Respect & Support

Whether we are developing new software or working with a provider to re-envision their supply chain, we collaborate and support our team members to accomplish goals.

Opportunities & More

Join a growing software company at the ground level with many opportunities for career growth.


Who We Look For

  • Bring a positive attitude and a can-do mentality
  • Self-starter who is able to work in a highly demanding environment
  • Bring intellectual curiosity and thought leadership
Career Listing

Available Opportunities

What You Get By Joining

Perks and Benefits

Competitive Salary

Attainia strives to hire top quality talent and pays competitively

Macbook Pro

Work or develop on brand new 15” Macbook pros. Alternatives available on request

Open Vacation & Sick Time

Work hard, play hard.  Attainia provides 25 days of vacation and sick time

Stocked Kitchen

Fuel up with free granola bars, drinks, snacks, and more.  Don’t miss our happy hours too!

Insurance Package

Focus on building our business, not your insurance.  Attainia provides company paid insurance for employees

The Whole Team

Meet the Attainians

Adam Ward

L2 Support Engineer

I jam to…Mindless Self Indulgence.

I cheer for…Cleveland Indians.

12,000…Photos taken in a year.

This one time…I got lost in a blizzard while hiking up Mt Koyasan trying to get to a Buddhist Temple.

I’m passionate about…Building the tools to make it a joy for teams of developers to build cool stuff.

Alex Maskovyak

Senior Director of Engineering

I jam to…Radiohead.

Ana Tomboulian

Full Stack Engineer

I jam to…Imagine Dragons.

I cheer for…Penn State Football.

I am secretly an…FAA Drone Pilot.

This one time…In High School, several members of the PSU football team were student teachers at my school. They invited me to work out with the Penn State football team of ’94!

I’m passionate about…Ensuring our customers have the best experiences and the highest success.

Brian Rogers

Director of Customer Success

I’m passionate about…I am passionate about delivering Attainia’s SaaS solution to our international clients.

Bryan Semple

VP of International Sales

Cameron Osman

Business Development Associate

I jam to…Rebelution.

I cheer for…The Portland Timbers & Trailblazers.

+1,000…Individual phone calls made on behalf of Attainia.

This one time…I helped rescue a drowning family.

I’m passionate about…Capturing and optimizing capital equipment lifecycles.

Chris Kammel

Supplier Sales Associate

I jam to…Late 90’s and early 2000’s rock.

I cheer for…the Chicago Bulls.

2…Record deals signed.

This one time…I opened for Bon Jovi at New Meadowlands stadium.

I’m passionate about…Building world class platforms and the teams to support them.

David Newton

Director of Operations

I jam to…Classical.

I cheer for…hiking and running.

I can…Name all the U.S. States and Presidents.

This one time…I moved to L.A. to intern as a recording engineer at a recording studio.

I’m passionate about…computer science, genetics, and cognitive science.

David Nunez

Full Stack Engineer

I cheer for… the Buckeyes.
I’m passionate about…coaching my kid’s club soccer and baseball teams.

David Tatko

Regional Sales Director

I jam to…AC/DC.

I cheer for…Arizona Cardinals.

34…Survivor series I’ve watched.

This one time…Local news interviewed me to promote the school my daughter was attending.

I’m passionate about…Meet the content needs of the planning community.

Deborah J. Lee

Content Manager

I jam to…Imagine Dragons.

I cheer for…Penn State Football.

I am secretly an…FAA Drone Pilot.

This one time…In High School, the Penn State football team of ’94 invited me to train with them!

I’m passionate about…Ensuring our customers have the best experiences and the highest success.

Dennis Murdock

Director of Strategic Accounts

Eric Rosenfeld

Chief Product Officer

I jam to…Frank H. Maynard.

I cheer for…Yale University.

14…Cowboy hats I’ve retired while on the trail.

This one time…I wrestled down three mustangs with only my bare hands.

I’m passionate about…Slingin’ Attainia software and passing value to clients that need it most!

Ernie Dominguez

Regional Sales Director

I love…surfing, fishing, and hiking.

Evan Reed

Customer Success Advocate

I jam to…80s and 90s hip-hop.

I cheer for…Sportsball players!

6…States I’ve lived in. WI, CA, TX, MD, NY, AZ.

This one time…I survived over a week after Hurricane Sandy with just an FM radio my son built.

I’m passionate about…Building clean, maintainable software.

Glenn Siegman

Full Stack Engineer

I jam to…Country Music.

I cheer for…Carolina Panthers.

I can…Train a horse to pleasure ride.

This one time…I was thrown off the same horse 6 times within 2 hours.

I’m passionate about…Entering accurate content in a timely manner.

Jill Murdock

Content Associate

Jo Chiti

Director of People Operations

I jam to…The Bill Evans Trio.

I cheer for…University of Tennessee Football.

35+…Hatch Show Print posters collected.

This one time…I got to pick out a cracker barrel from Cracker Barrel for a Charlie Daniel’s photo shoot.

I’m passionate about…Working with clients to achieve their goals.

John Lensgraf

Customer Success Advocate

I jam to…Led Zeppelin.

I cheer for…The Chicago Cubs.

3…Miles I try to run every day.

This one time…I attended the Council of Elrond to discuss how to get rid of a piece of cursed jewelry.

I’m passionate about…Completing projects with exceptional polish.

Jono Mercier

Full Stack Engineer

Kaileena Sandoval

Business Development Associate

I love…animals! I live in a rural area and rescue chickens.

Kerry Hutton

Planning Consultant

I jam to…Jay-Z.

I cheer for…Anthony Joshua.

30… Countries visited so far!

This one time…I was hit by a golf club in the mouth.

I am passionate about…Delivering our vision to our customers, employees, and stakeholders.

Kishan Shah


Lawrence Grant

Full Stack Engineer

I jam to…Any song I can run to.

I cheer for…Golden State Warriors.

20…Number of half marathons I’ve run.

This one time…I was on a TV game show called Supermarket Sweep.

I’m passionate about…Crafting data into graphs and charts that tell a story.

Lori Ordonez

Data Analytics Manager

Marcos Gonzales

Full Stack Engineer

Marissa Hartman

Implementation Specialist

I jam to…Thomas Rhett.

I cheer for…Arizona Cardinals.

I can…Recite the alphabet backwards. Any time. Any Place.

This one time…I risked my life by crossing a glass bridge above a 2,300 ft. drop overlooking the Grand Canyon.

I’m passionate about…Creating a positive, professional culture for our clients and contributing new creative ideas for the future of Attainia.

Melissa Swanson

Associate Project Manager

Michael Tomcal

Full Stack Engineer

I jam to…Queen.

I cheer for…Michigan Wolverines.

40…U.S. states visited in a decade.

This one time…Went to a party dressed as a tuna sushi.

I am passionate about…Developing solutions that create value for customers.

Mike Rozenfeld


I jam to…Jazz and Texas Blues.

I cheer for…The underdog, every time!

20…Countries I’ve traveled to outside the USA.

This one time…I learned to scuba dive in Alaska in winter.

I’m passionate about…Creating a superior product that improves user experience.

Naomi Cash

Director of Product Management

I jam to…The Bill Evans Trio.

I cheer for…University of Tennessee Football.

35+…Hatch Show Print posters collected.

This one time…I got to pick out a cracker barrel from Cracker Barrel for a Charlie Daniel’s photo shoot.

I’m passionate about…Working with clients to achieve their goals.

Nathan Chestnut

Customer Success Expert

Nicholas Wendt

Tech Support Level3 Specialist

Norma Washington

Customer Success Expert

I jam to…Minus the Bear.

I cheer for…The Cardinals

I can…Art a lot.

This one time…I broke both arms at the same time attempting to impress a girl.

I’m passionate about…Infrastructure Engineering.

Pierson DeWeese

Systems Engineer

I jam to…Jazz, Miles Davis.

I cheer for…Tennessee Titans.

I really enjoy…Furniture restoration!

This one time…I love Tabasco sauce.

I’m passionate about…Combing through the fine details of a spec sheet to make sure that it translates perfectly into Attainia’s catalogue.

Randall Bates

Content Manager
Ricky Dhingra, Senior Director of Sales

Ricky Dhingra

Senior Director, Sales

I jam to…Radiohead, NWA, Bob Marley, Björk.

I cheer for…UCLA.

I can…Vibrate my eyes!

This one time…I excitedly called Christina Ricci “Tuesday” exiting a Rage Against The Machine pit.

I’m passionate about…Designing products users want to use.

Scott Frisella

UI/UX Designer

Scott Hurd

Account Director, East Coast
Sean McHugh, Full stack engineer

I cheer for…Dungeons & Dragons, and other table top games.
I am…a foodie and want to be a chef!

Sean McHugh

Full Stack Engineer

I jam to…Pop music!

I cheer for…the Dallas Cowboys.

30…Hikes I plan to accomplish in 2017.

This one time…I lived in Montreal for six months without knowing how to speak French.

I’m passionate about…Health interventions and customer training.

Shannon Field

Manager of Professional Services

Sonita Ramlakhan

Technical Support Engineer

I jam to…Muse.

I cheer for…The Red Wings.

13…Land Before Time movies I’ve watched in a row.

This one time…I married to my best friend in the world.

I’m passionate about…Understanding how our minds work and then applying that knowledge to designing user friendly interfaces.

Steven Banas

UX/UI Designer

I jam to…Adele.

I cheer for…the Cal Bears!

3…The number of times my dog broke into my freezer and ate all my ice cream.

This one time…I wrestled alligators for fun.

I’m passionate about…spreading the word about Attainia!

Tiffany Lok

Marketing Director

I jam to…Thievery Corporation.

I cheer for…US National Soccer Team.

17…Programming languages I’ve used in my career.

This one time…I stood in front of the Roman Colosseum on NYE watching a laser light show.

I’m passionate about…Writing clean and maintainable code.

Tim Graf

Full Stack Engineer

I jam to…Singers/Songwriters.

I cheer for…the Oregon State Beavers.

4…Countries I’ve lived in.

I’m passionate about…inspiring others to believe in our bright future at Attainia and our ability to continue building it together.

Vikki Gorman

Executive Assistant/Office Manager

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