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Attainia offers Routine Replacement Capital solutions that provide healthcare facilities and healthcare systems a single, cloud-based, point of entry for all annual capital equipment requests. These solutions enable users, in multiple facilities, to submit requests via a standardized format, providing real-time visibility to all planned capital spend as well as offer sophisticated workflow management tools that can accommodate both simple and complex processes. In addition, detailed product decision support tools, unsurpassed budget price guidelines and capital spend aggregation dashboards are standard features.

Integrated with all Attainia solutions is the industry leading catalog for all capital equipment. This catalog provides Attainia members the ability to browse, search, select and monitor capital equipment in more than 4,500 categories from more than 2,400 healthcare industry suppliers. Information from the catalog forms the foundation for making good decisions prior to the submission of capital equipment requests or inclusion of items in projects.

Other benefits of Attainia's Routine Replacement Capital solutions include:

  • Coordination of standards, contracts and strategic sourcing more effectively.
  • Improved forecasting of capital equipment spend.
  • Forecasted replacement needs by providing a central database of procured capital equipment history.
  • Empowering your organization to hold "ownership" of project data and history.