Product Support

Product Support

Welcome to the Attainia technical support page. We apologize that you are having issues with our software, but we are here to help! General information on product support can be found in the menu below.

Technical Support Help Desk:

Call: 866.288.2464, option 1

Outside U.S.: +, option 1


Schedule Training:

Call: 866.288.2464, option 1


Billing Inquiries:

Call: 866.288.2464, extension 0


Sales Inquiries:

Call: 866.288.2464, extension 704


Other Ideas / Opportunities


Attainia Catalog:


Submit CAD families and blocks to:


Support Standard Business Hours (SBH): 8:00am – 8:00pm Eastern

Burning Issues Support Hours: 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

Call Answer Rate: 90% or above

Burning Issue Resolution Rate: 80% within 24 hours

Voice Mail Response Time:

  • 1 Hour (SBH & 24×7 Domestic Burning Issues)
  • 2 Hours (after SBH — International Burning Issues)

Email Response Time:

  • 1 Hour (SBH)
  • Next Business Day (after SBH)

Application/Website Response Time:

  • 3 Hours (SBH)
  • Next Business Day (after SBH)

Click here to view the User Guide System Requirements Guide.

Attainia System Requirements:

Monitor Resolution & Screen Size:

  • Minimum resolution: 1024 x 768.* Recommended: 1280 x 1024 or greater.
  • Monitor screen size: Recommended: 19″” or larger.
  • Laptop screen size: Recommended: 15” or larger.

System Memory:

  • Minimum RAM: 1GB. Recommended RAM: 2GB or greater.

Internet Connection:

  • 512 Kbps or greater (DSL, Cable, T-1, Wireless). To test your Internet connection speed, run our speedlink test, available in the System Requirements Test window.

Operating System:

  • Windows 7 or later.†
  • Mac OS X v10.7.4 or later.


Adobe Flash Player:

Click here to send a Support Request email/task to the Technical Support Team

Prior to contacting Technical Support, to assist us with efficiently addressing your thought or concern, please review the following questions and be prepared to provide details where applicable:

  1. What UserName was used during the session?
  2. Time of error (as close approximation as possible).
  3. Within which Application (PLAN, BUDGET, at Login, etc.) did you encounter the issue?
  4. Define the Filtering (Department/Room, Building/Cost Center, Item/Request, Product/Supplier) enabled.
  5. Steps taken leading up to your encountering the issue.
  6. Can you include a screen shot or content of the error message (if any)? (Hint: You can easily copy/paste the full error message by clicking inside the error message text, holding Ctrl-A to select all of the text, then holding Ctrl-C to copy it. You can then paste that into the email to Attainia Support)
  7. Were additional issues encountered before or after the reported issue?