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Powerful solutions for collaboration, increased efficiency, and transparency in your capital planning.

  • Finding collaboration difficult with your current capital planning and budgeting process?
  • Looking for efficiencies to save time and dollars in the process?
  • Interested in having real-time visibility into your capital management operations from any computer anywhere?

Attainia provides a unique set of tools that can be tailored to address the specific challenges healthcare providers face with capital planning today. Whether it's routine capital replacement and approvals or planning equipment for new facilities, Attainia has the solution.

Integrated with these tools is the industry leading catalog for all capital equipment. This catalog provides Attainia members the ability to browse, search, select and monitor capital equipment in more than 4,500 categories from more than 2,400 healthcare industry suppliers. Information from the catalog forms the foundation for making good decisions prior to the submission of capital equipment requests or inclusion of items in projects.

What benefits can Attainia offer for your organization?

  • Collaboration across capital equipment channels, including project, routine and strategic
  • Aggregation of capital equipment spend dollars to leverage cost and service benefits
  • Coordination of standards, contracts and strategic sourcing more effectively
  • Improved forecasting of capital equipment spend
  • Forecasted replacement needs by providing a central database of procured capital equipment history
  • Empower your organization to hold "ownership" of project data and history

Through our unique solutions we offer customizable tools which provide numerous features:

  • Cloud-Based software providing a Single Source for data
  • Ability to submit capital requests by cost center
  • RFx Automation
  • Annual Routine/Replacement Capital Management
  • Customized Electronic Workflows for Voting and Routing
  • Customizable Notifications
  • Capital Equipment Management in Projects
  • ERP Integration, Logistics, Reporting
  • Permission Driven Collaboration
  • Decision Support and Sourcing
  • Access to Industry Leading Catalog
  • Dashboard Analytics
  • Predictive Aggregation of Capital Spend from All Sources in Attainia
  • Standards Control and Visibility
  • Contract Utilization Analysis
  • Ability to anticipate Capital Spend Demand
  • Standard and Customizable Department and Room Templates