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Improving Collaboration

No matter what stage of planning you are at in the capital equipment lifecycle, Attainia has solutions to improve your organization’s capital equipment channels and processes. From project capital to routine and strategic, Attainia’s cloud-based applications provide a single source for data and tools.

Annual Routine/Replacement Capital Management

Capital Equipment Management in Projects

Permission Driven Collaboration

Increasing Efficiency

With Attainia, you get tools that will assist in increasing efficiency in key areas when managing the capital equipment lifecycle. Whether it is utilizing Attainia’s industry leading catalog to find and research capital equipment, using customized room or department templates, or exposing your organization's capital contracts, you will find Attainia has a solution.

ERP Integration, Logistics, Reporting

Customized Electronic Workflows for Voting and Routing

RFx Automation

Gaining Transparency

When you have a cloud-based solution providing a single source for your data, gaining transparency into the capital equipment lifecycle becomes seamless. From the beginning stages of planning to replacing and forecasting capital, Attainia provides transparency into the process, letting you truly own your data.

Predictive Aggregation of Capital Spend from All Sources in Attainia

Decision Support and Sourcing

Standards Control and Visibility