PROJECT is a collaborative, cloud-based application that streamlines and
accelerates medical equipment planning

PROJECT Connects and Transforms

Whether your medical equipment planning project is new construction, expansion or renovation, automating and streamlining the process with PROJECT helps you get projects completed on time and on budget.

Hundreds of pre-built department and room templates, an integrated equipment catalog, and an intuitive and fast collaborative environment allows PROJECT to drive efficiencies that reduce equipment planning time by as much as 75%.

PROJECT delivers comprehensive, interactive equipment lists that include MEP specifications and connectivity requirements utilizing the Attainia Equipment Catalog. Architects and general contractors can easily identify the MEP needs for every location based on the equipment lists. PROJECT also generates reports and project data exports.

No More Spreadsheets

Using spreadsheets for equipment planning slows down the work, creates inefficiencies, makes collaboration very difficult, and leaves room for error. Cloud-based PROJECT drives cross-functional collaboration and provides guidance for standards offering maximum GPO contract utilization … something spreadsheets cannot do.

The Ultimate Collaborative Experience

Attainia’s cloud-based environment bring all stakeholders together — including remote teams — supporting real-time communication and better decision making. As the single source of truth and as a historical repository, all data is stored within the platform instead of spreadsheets or saved on a local server — or worse, in the minds of one or two individuals.

Deep Visibility Into TCO for Smart Investments

Like a Consumer Reports for medical devices, the DATA INSIGHTS option allows healthcare systems to make informed purchasing decisions by accessing real-world reliability and TCO (total-cost-of-ownership) data on thousands of medical devices. Making smarter and more informed equipment choices supports system-wide bottom-line cost reductions. 

Easily Enforce Equipment Standards

Attainia ensures standards visibility as a single point of truth for all stakeholders. PROJECT’s room templates allows organizations to create and share standards. Standards and equipment-under-contract are also easily flagged in the integrated Equipment Catalog, so they can be specified during the planning process. 

Equipment Catalog

Industry-Leading Equipment Catalog

Attainia makes specifying new equipment easy with our industry-leading Equipment Catalog of more than 66,000 FF&E products from more than 3,400 suppliers. Planners have quick, in-platform access to product spec sheets, images, list price, MEP data and more – without leaving the PROJECT application.

Pre-Built Room Templates

Choose from more than 400 templates to help jump-start your project planning. Each template provides an unspecified equipment list and preliminary budget – so there’s no need to reinvent the wheel for each new project. Templates can also be used to create and drive standards within your organization.

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Dena Goldberg - Stanford Health, Planning Design & Construction

"Attainia helps you build a project, keep track of what you need, what decisions were made, and which have not been made, and for every decision there is a piece of equipment that needs to be ordered."