Project Capital Planning

Project Capital Planning

Capital Planning Software

PLAN offers a single, cloud-based point of entry for all stakeholders in a new construction or renovation project – building efficiencies and enabling enhanced collaboration. Hosted on our secure infrastructure, PLAN projects are available anywhere and anytime.

Access All Project Data Anywhere 

Imagine having all projects available, from any computer, anywhere, whenever you need them. Attainia offers a comprehensive equipment planning tool for planning projects from new construction to renovations. By providing control of need by dates, project phasing, budget variance tracking, install codes, and many more tools, you will have the ability to tackle everything from pre-project budgeting to procurement and installation.

Built for Cross-Functional Collaboration

By including comprehensive budgeting, specification, reporting, procurement and logistic features, Attainia software provides flexibility for the diverse needs of design and construction professionals. In addition to the standard product decision support tools and unsurpassed budget price guidelines, PLAN can integrate with most ERP systems.

5 Keys to Success When Planning Capital Equipment in Your Next Construction/Renovation Project

Article Summary

Construction and renovation projects are comprehensive and complicated.  To drive a successful outcome, there are seemingly innumerable items to check off the list before effectively achieving success.  Review and implement these five keys ensure smooth and logistical execution during every stage of your plan.

What our customers are saying

University of Colorado

Manager of Equipment Planning

Attainia’s database allows us to keep a record of the projects a lot easier than a spreadsheet, which can lose information with a single wrong keystroke.

Stanford Healthcare

Planning Design & Construction

Attainia helps you build a project, keep track of what we need, what decisions were made, and which have not been made, and for every decision there is a piece of equipment that needs to be ordered.

Memorial Hermann Health Systems

Executive Supply Chain Services

Attainia’s capital equipment budgeting software has helped Memorial Hermann Healthcare System’s progress towards building the most efficient supply chain of any major health system.