PLAN offers a single, cloud-based point of entry for all stakeholders in a new construction or renovation project – building efficiencies and enabling enhanced collaboration. Hosted on our secure infrastructure, PLAN projects are available anywhere and anytime.


Why Teams Use Plan

Whether your project is new construction or renovation, streamlining the equipment planning process with Attainia can help get projects completed on time and within the budget.

Find all your equipment specs in one place, collaborate with stakeholders, and track equipment lists and budget variance in a single software.

Industry-Leading Catalog

With over 57,000 medical equipment SKUs and growing, leverage the most comprehensive capital equipment catalog to build equipment lists.

Access Project Data

Imagine having all projects available, from any computer, anywhere, whenever you need them. Make it a reality today.

Comprehensive Planning Tool

Control equipment need by dates, project phasing, budget variance tracking, install codes and more. Tackle everything from pre-project budgeting to procurement and installation.

Real-time Collaboration

Working with user groups on-site, corporate HQ, and architects around the country? No problem. Share project data and collaborate across teams and across the world.

Industry-Leading Catalog

Populating a new hospital with equipment can easily involve planning over 6,000 pieces of medical equipment.

Research and build equipment lists from a single catalog with over 40,000 medical equipment SKUs. Our members save 76% more time with Attainia compared to planning on an Excel sheet.

Time Saving Room Templates

From building a new department to a single room, Attainia templates can populate an entire room or department with medical equipment.

Need specific templates for your hospital or client or just need to estimate costs? Our templates are 100% customizable, so you can build a room once and leverage that template across multiple departments or projects.

Dena Goldberg - Stanford Health, Planning Design & Construction

"Attainia helps you build a project, keep track of what you need, what decisions were made, and which have not been made, and for every decision there is a piece of equipment that needs to be ordered."

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