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Attainia Master Class Series

How to Manage Change to Positive Outcomes During Healthcare Construction and Renovation Projects

For medical equipment planners and professionals who work in construction and renovation, change can be scary and represent a significant threat – but not all change is bad. Skilled equipment planners supported by Attainia’s powerful platform can embrace change and manage it to positive financial and clinical outcomes that ultimately mitigate costs and project delays.

Attainia Master Class Series

COVID-19 Response: How to Implement Designs in Traditional and Non-Traditional Healthcare

This Master Class is hosted by Paladin Healthcare LLC President Gary M. Schindele, FHFI, where he will present on how to identify the key elements needed to plan for a mass casualty event…

Attainia Master Class Series

Implementing an Equipment Management Strategy at Master Planning in a Post COVID-19 World

We discuss the difference between “managing” clinical environments and the point of care as they relate to technology as opposed to just “dealing” with this space. Functional changes often take place faster than facilities can be built.  During the lifecycle of a facility, or after the completion of construction or renovations, clinicians are often left to “deal with” a design intent which may no longer match their current needs.

Attainia Master Class Series

How Real-Time Data At Your Fingertips Drives Optimal Biomedical Device Purchasing Decisions

Purchasing expensive, patient-impacting medical equipment that accounts for time-and-cost factors such as life expectancy, maintenance costs, reliability and TCO (total cost of ownership) is a complex process that many healthcare organizations struggle to understand and integrate.

Attainia Master Class Series

Understanding the Equipment Planner’s Role

We examine the role of the medical equipment planner, including the advantages an equipment planner brings to healthcare projects and how to optimize the equipment planner’s role. Presented by Paula Cleaver, vice president at Hoefer Wysocki, and Valerie Lynch, solutions specialist at Attainia.

Attainia Master Class Series

The Future of Adaptive Space Design in Healthcare During COVID-19

The first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic is still going strong and forcing already-inundated healthcare providers to respond, evolve and adapt quickly to ensure continuity and excellence in patient care…

Attainia Product Webinar

How to Reduce Costs by Analyzing and Operationalizing Capital Medical Equipment Data

Have you struggled to understand the total cost of ownership of your capital medical equipment investments? How would real-world data about reliability and life expectancy inform your equipment purchasing decisions? Have you been in a position where critical equipment’s end of life happened before you had a replacement ready to go?