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Implementing an Equipment Management Strategy at Master Planning in a Post COVID-19 World

Join this #AttainiaNation master class hosted by Gary M. Schindele, FHFI, where he will discuss how to future-proof a facility in order to more safely and rapidly respond to unforeseen surge populations. Also, Gary will demonstrate how to reduce both construction costs and operating expenses for medical gas and infection control devices and technology.


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Hundreds of pre-built room templates and an industry-leading, integrated equipment catalog of more than 67,000 products help you accelerate your medical equipment planning.

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Optimize capital asset purchasing decisions with DATA INSIGHTS reliability and total-cost-of-ownership data.

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Ditch the spreadsheets and manual processes. A collaborative environment serves as a single point of entry for equipment planning teams, which enables seamless communication and streamlines approvals.

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Cloud-based platform allows medical equipment planning teams to access project data and work from office, home or anywhere without disruption.

The PLAN-IT solution suite provides the tools you need to optimize your equipment planning workflow and make informed capital asset purchasing decisions.


Attainia’s integrated Equipment Catalog houses more than 67,000 SKUs with spec sheets and verified MEP information, dramatically reducing equipment researching time and flagging products-under-contract and standards for optimal cost control.

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The premier collaborative medical equipment planning software solution that automates, streamlines and accelerates planning healthcare new construction, expansion and renovation projects.

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Delivering aggregated data from thousands of assets, the industry’s most comprehensive medical device TCO data analytics tool that drives smart, systemic decisions to control costs and standardize device choices in healthcare organizations of all sizes.

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Pre-built department and room templates, an integrated product catalog, and an intuitive and fast collaborative environment drives efficiencies that reduce equipment planning time by as much as 75%.

Dena Goldberg - Stanford Healthcare

Attainia's capital equipment planning software helps us keep track of what we need, which decisions were made -- and which have not been made. And for every decision, there is a piece of equipment that needs to be ordered. Attainia’s reporting capabilities are very valuable.

Why Project Visibility is so Critical to Successful Medical Equipment Planning

Comprehensive project visibility directly correlates with planning success. After you’ve identified the right cross-disciplinary team, the next critical component is to ensure that this team can easily – and frequently – access your equipment list...

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Intermountain Healthcare Partners with Attainia to Enhance Processes

Because the Attainia platform identifies capital contract and catalog items, Intermountain is able to save time and maximize savings opportunities through greater contract compliance and standardization...

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Attainia Announces New Partnership with Accruent

The partnership will help healthcare delivery organizations manage their full equipment asset lifecycles and facilitate incremental cost reductions, allowing for improved quality of patient care...

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