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How Real-Time Data At Your Fingertips Drives Optimal Equipment Purchasing Decisions

Making the right medical equipment buying decisions is a complex process that involves many factors such as acquisition cost, life expectancy, labor and maintenance costs, and reliability analytics. Join us on Sept. 11 and learn how this data can be available at your fingertips, and help you make the right choices to contain costs and protect revenue.


An Equipment Catalog to Reduce Planning Time

With more than 5,600 medical device companies in the U.S. alone, researching products for a capital planning project has never been more time consuming or difficult. Attainia solves that problem by delivering frequently-updated equipment data through the PLAN-IT platform, making it easy to access and download critical product information. 

Available through the PROJECT solution, Attainia’s integrated Equipment Catalog houses more than 67,000 SKUs with specification documents and verified MEP information. For optimal usability, the Catalog allows users to compare similar products to make the best decision for their facility.

Data Normalization

Ensure that all parties involved in the capital equipment planning process are speaking the same language. Attainia’s INTEGRATED EQUIPMENT CATALOG provides teams with normalized product information as well as Attainia Catalog IDs, which are an industry standard.

Organizational Standards

The Attainia INTEGRATED EQUIPMENT CATALOG makes it easy to designate organizational standards to guide planning teams in specifying which products their organization prefers, or has on contract, to ensure the greatest contract utilization for optimal cost savings.

Ease of Access

The INTEGRATED EQUIPMENT CATALOG is fully accessible while working on planning projects. The PLAN-IT platform offers multiple locations to easily add products to a project with one click of a button. Planners can share product favorites, room templates and organizational standards with all stakeholders in the organization.


The Attainia INTEGRATED EQUIPMENT CATALOG houses more than 65 unique data points per product. The Catalog also contains tens of thousands of product images, specification documents, REVIT families, CAD files and other types of product resources.

Equipment Catalog

Community Supported

The Attainia INTEGRATED EQUIPMENT CATALOG is used by more than 1,200 healthcare facilities and third-party medical equipment planning firms. Access to a common database allows the Attainia team to partner with more than 3,000 users to ensure regular product validation and data quality. When community members and equipment planners submit requests for products to be added to the catalog, our team of industry experts researches and validates all newly added products.

Why Project Visibility is so Critical to Successful Medical Equipment Planning

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Intermountain Healthcare Partners with Attainia to Enhance Processes

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Attainia Announces New Partnership with Accruent

The partnership will help healthcare delivery organizations manage their full equipment asset lifecycles and facilitate incremental cost reductions, allowing for improved quality of patient care...

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Dan Humphrey - Memorial Hermann Health Systems

"Attainia's capital equipment budgeting software has helped Memorial Hermann Healthcare System progress towards building the most efficient supply chain of any major health system."