Attainia Data Insights

DATA INSIGHTS drives informed decisions with comprehensive biomedical device TCO data


Implementing an Equipment Management Strategy at Master Planning in a Post COVID-19 World

Join this #AttainiaNation master class hosted by Gary M. Schindele, FHFI, where he will discuss how to future-proof a facility in order to more safely and rapidly respond to unforeseen surge populations. Also, Gary will demonstrate how to reduce both construction costs and operating expenses for medical gas and infection control devices and technology.


DATA INSIGHTS transforms capital equipment planning

Available as an option in the Attainia PROJECT platform, DATA INSIGHTS (powered by Accruent) is a powerful analytical solution that aggregates data for millions of assets representing thousands of equipment models, and, much like Consumer Reports for consumer products and services, delivers reliability and TCO (total-cost-of-ownership) data during the capital equipment planning process.

DATA INSIGHTS provides real-world information that integrates acquisition costs, maintenance information, useful life expectancy, depreciation, labor costs, reliability analytics and informs optimal replacement schedules.

Informed Capital Asset Decisions

With real-world work order and asset lifecycle data, DATA INSIGHTS provides actual equipment useful-life data, and comprehensive operational costs. This insight helps healthcare organizations stay ahead of capital investments and labor costs.

Deep Visibility Into TCO for Capital Equipment Investments

An integrated dashboard provides quick access to key biomedical device indicators including an equipment reliability index, failure rates, MTBF (mean time between failures), life expectancy, labor needs and benchmarks.

Optimal Replacement Insight

DATA INSIGHTS provides lifecycle data that draws information from large data sets that indicate the best time to replace devices to ensure excellence and continuity in patient care. It also offers actionable data that indicates the most financially optimal time to purchase new equipment to reduce down time, expensive repairs and rental costs.

Data You Can Trust

DATA INSIGHTS is based on millions of real-world data points reported from more than 55% of U.S. hospitals, and can be applied to any specific organization by uploading current equipment data into the platform. This level of data applicability means you can get the right information for your organization.


The Right Data At the Right Time

Because DATA INSIGHTS is available in the Attainia PLAN-IT platform, key analytics become available during the planning phase of capital equipment research and specification.

This is the optimal time when healthcare organizations are in the best position to make the choices that can reduce overall operating costs and deliver measurable savings that result in improved operating margins.

Collaboration and Visibility

DATA INSIGHTS delivers meaningful and actionable equipment evaluation data across all stakeholders within the healthcare system:

  • Biomedical / clinical engineering (HTM)
  • Facilities / plant operations (HFM)
  • Supply chain
  • Medical equipment planning
  • Strategic sourcing
  • Purchasing / procurement
  • Finance
  • Operations
  • IT