Data Services

Attainia provides healthcare data management services for members to assist in a wide range of data needs when using Attainia tools. From new members who need assistance importing projects, to existing members who require integration with construction program management software or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, Attainia is here to help.

Attainia Data Services

Healthcare Data Management

Attainia has the ability to integrate via web services and APIs to other solutions such as construction program management software or even ERP systems such as Lawson or McKesson. Attainia can also provide customized integration assistance and medical data management to help members get the setup they need.

Construction Program Management

Using construction program management software but also need to coordinate with Attainia’s medical equipment planning software?  Attainia’s integration with construction program management allows users to populate PLAN equipment data into construction program management software and then complete the cycle by populating need by dates back into PLAN.


Attainia’s Onuma integration can move data into design and construction in real-time and is compatible with Revit and many other design applications.


Attainia and FreightTrain members get a complete solution by leveraging their data from Attainia’s PLAN software into FreightTrain’s Fitup module.  This collaboration allows for visibility from beginning to end, planning to installation and use.


Codebook users can leverage the Attainia catalog to create furniture and equipment layouts in Revit and AutoCad.

ERP Integration

Don’t worry about entering data twice. Attainia integrates with most any Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system including Lawson, McKesson and PeopleSoft. Custom integrations are also available.

Project Migrations

Projects can be migrated from one member org in Attainia to another. If a 3rd party is planning a project, an owner has the ability to take on a license and migrate their data in-house.

Project Imports

Attainia has the ability to import data from various sources, all the while normalizing the supplier and category data and making it available for planning purposes.