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Founded in 2001, Attainia, Inc., is the world's most widely used equipment planning, budgeting, and tracking system software for healthcare equipment. Customers include some of the largest healthcare capital equipment planning firms, hospital purchasing groups, integrated delivery networks and individual hospitals.

Attainia, Inc., is a privately held company. Our corporate office is located in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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We are always looking for opportunities to share the industry best practices around capital equipment management and lifecycle planning. For more information, head down to our speaker form to learn more.

Meet Our Team!

Coming from all walks of life, Attainia is home to some of the most passionate, brilliant, and skilled minds in the industry. We work hard, play hard, and truly believe in the satisfaction that comes from delivering the best possible solutions to our clients.

We are always eager to meet our members and community and look forward to seeing you. In addition to hosting our own Attainia Community Summit (ACS), Attainia frequents many trade shows, including (but not limited to):

  • ACE

  • HCP


  • ASHE (PDC)

  • Federation of American Hospitals

  • IDN Summit (Spring & Fall)

  • Arab Health

  • And Many More!

Hover over each of the profiles to learn contact information where applicable.


The committed thought leaders that bring the vision to life with a guiding hand.

Mike Rozenfeld


Managing the execution of Attainia's vision.

Before Attainia, I was investing in healthcare technology and business services companies.

Getting to know me...
I jam to... Queen
I cheer for... Michigan Wolverines
40 U.S. states visited in the last decade
This one time... Went to a party at Madame Tussauds wax figure museum dressed as a tuna sushi.
I am passionate about... Building a high-performance team and developing solutions that create value for our customers.

Paul Gilbert


Managing the sales execution of Attainia’s vision

Before Attainia, I have spent 20+ years in the high tech world in sales leadership positions. Most recently, I was working for a capital planning software technology company.

Getting to know me...
I jam to... British Alternative/Indie
I cheer for... Leafs, Raptors, Jays…and Steelers
5 Countries I have lived in.
This one time... I played in a tennis tournament with my brother when he had a broken leg.
I am passionate about... Building a customer focused, high performance sales and marketing team while balancing an active lifestyle.


When it comes to explaining what Attainia is all about, they can give you the grand tour and keep you hungry for more.

John Longo

VP of Sales

Promote Attainia's vision to the leading healthcare providers and facilitators.

Before Attainia, I was... well I can't remember that far back!

Getting to know me...
I jam to... Father John Misty
I cheer for... ASU - GO DEVILS!!
781,220 frequent flyer miles accumulated.
This one time... I sold something.
I am passionate about... Cultivating meaningful relationships with our clients by bringing them the best software in the industry.

Rachel Menary

Director of Professional Services

Growing our offerings for our clients

Before Attainia, I was a Medical Equipment Project Manager in healthcare construction

Getting to know me...
I jam to... Books on Tape
I cheer for... Arizona Cardinals
I can... Have an entire conversation (with Nathan) using only movie quotes
This one time... I went sky diving over the coast of Australia on New Year’s Eve
I am passionate about... Assisting our clients to build facilities that give the most patient-centric and technologically advanced environments of care possible

Tiffany Lok

Director of Digital Marketing

Responsible for spreading the word at Attainia.

Before Attainia, I stood on the shores facing the ocean dreaming of sea turtles.

Getting to know me...
I jam to... Adele
I cheer for... Cal Bears Football
126 MPH is the speed of my fastest shuttlecock smash in badminton.
This one time... I fell off my paddle board in Hawaii and almost ended surfing on a giant sea turtle. Good thing they are faster than they look.
I am passionate about... Constantly optimizing the digital experience.

Ernie Dominguez

Regional Sales Manager

Slingin' software to the far reaches of the Southeastern United States Territories!

Before Attainia, I was a rootin' tootin' gunslinger!

Getting to know me...
I jam to... Frank H. Maynard
I cheer for... Yale University
14 Cowboy hats I've retired while on the trail.
This one time... I wrestled down three mustangs with only my bare hands.
I am passionate about... About slingin' Attainia software and passing value to clients that need it most!

Elizabeth Zirkle

Regional Sales Manager

Responsible for bringin' on the new biz!

Before Attainia, I spent 5 years selling capital equipment throughout the healthcare industry.

Getting to know me...
I jam to... Dave Matthews Band
I cheer for... The Tennessee Volunteers
60 The number of seconds I can hold a handstand.
This one time... I instructed a professional wrestler in my Pure Barre class.
I am passionate about... Working hard, but playing harder!

Bryan Semple

Regional Sales Manager

Confers software to our international clients and partners.

Prior to Attainia, was one of the monarchs.

Getting to know me...
I jam to... Clement Woodcock
I cheer for... His Majesty's Kingsmen
132 Sonnets read, written, and enjoyed!
This one time... I was hunting in the forest and tripped over a truffle.
I am passionate about... I am passionate about delivering Attainia's SaaS solution to our international clients.

Chris Kammel

Sales & Marketing Associate

All things Attainia, I do them!

Before Attainia, I was in commercial real estate.

Getting to know me...
I jam to... Rebelution, Sublime
I cheer for... Portland Timbers, Portland Trailblazers
Over 1,000 Individual phone calls made on behalf of Attainia.
This one time... I assisted in the rescue of a drowning family.
I am passionate about... Being on the forefront of developing software applications that assist in capturing and optimizing Capital Equipment Lifecycles.


No one is more passionate about helping others than the Attainia technical customer support team.

J. Michael Lee

Technical Support Manager

Work with our clients on a daily basis to ensure an optimal user experience.

Before Attainia, I was a Senior Developer on Honeywell MidFrame systems.

Getting to know me...
I jam to... AC/DC, the Eagles, and Kid Rock
I cheer for... AZ Cardinals, D’Backs, and Phoenix Suns
I am a... 3rd Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo and competitive Senior Softball Player (55+ Major Division)
This one time... I once completed 130 pushups in 1 minute (April 5, 2003).
I am passionate about... Building a culture of continuous improvement via effective leadership and improving processes.

Adam Ward

Technical Support, Level 3

Finding solutions for members and helping to keep our data squeaky-clean.

Before Attainia, I owned my own video and film production business.

Getting to know me...
I jam to... Glen Hansard, John Mayer, or Ed Sheeran
I cheer for... That one team that wins a lot.
I am... Trained in classical vocal performances.
This one time... I sat in the 600+ year old tree on Christchurch campus in Oxford, UK that inspired Lewis Carroll to write "The Jabberwocky."
I am passionate about... Solving tough problems. I love standing in the gap between our members and the solutions they need so they can achieve their business goals.

Melissa Swanson

Technical Support Agent

Keep our clients extra happy.

Before Attainia, I was a student at Arizona State University.

Getting to know me...
I jam to... Thomas Rhett
I cheer for... Arizona Cardinals
I can... Recite the alphabet backwards. Any time. Any Place.
This one time... I risked my life by crossing a glass bridge above a 2,300 ft. drop overlooking the Grand Canyon.
I am passionate about... Creating a positive, professional culture for our clients and contributing new creative ideas for the future of Attainia.


The visionaries behind the designs powering Attainia products.

Ben Cohen

VP of Product

Responsible for delivering and maintaining killer products from inception to end-of-life.

Before Attainia, I managed Workload Automation products at CA Technologies.

Getting to know me...
I jam to... Nomades et Skaetera
I cheer for... NDSU Bison Football
5 Number of consecutive years I’ve gone to the NCAA FCS football championship and watched the Bison win.
This one time... I was forced onto the Bay Bridge by traffic and they stopped all 21 toll lanes in rush hour so I could make a U-Turn.
I am passionate about... Continually finding better ways to keep the customer at the center of the product development process.

Naomi Cash

Director of Product Management

Translate vision into quality product.

Before Attainia, I was a capital procurement specialist for a 4-hospital IDN.

Getting to know me...
I jam to... Jazz and Texas Blues
I cheer for... The underdog, every time!
20 Countries I've traveled to outside the USA.
This one time... I learned to scuba dive in Alaska in the middle of the winter. It was warmer in the water (27 degrees) than ambient air temperature with 6-inch visibility.
I am passionate about... Creating a superior product that improves user experience and fosters innovative processes.


The elite individuals dedicated to helping their clients achieve the most possible success.

Dennis Murdock

Director of Strategic Accounts

Managing GPO contracts and relationships, templates and international CSM

Before Attainia, I was a biomedical engineer, equipment planner and a GPO tech assessment and contract launch specialist.

Getting to know me...
I jam to... Bluegrass
I cheer for... Antique Cars and Horses
23 Total years spent in healthcare.
This one time... I was chosen to be on Good Morning America for a boating safety segment.
I am passionate about... Finding solutions to everyday challenges while incorporating productivity, integrity and ingenuity toward helping others do the same.

George Kittos

Customer Relations Manager

Working with clients and our Attainia teams to deliver the best possible solutions.

Before Attainia, I was a Medical Equipment Planning Project Manager for the better part of a decade.

Getting to know me...
I jam to... Progressive rock, jazz fusion, American folk, grindcore, “outlaw” country, Chicago blues, shoegaze, 80s/90s alternative…
I cheer for... New England sports teams
278 LPs/7”s/45s in my record collection
This one time... I spent a week in North Carolina splitting an Oak tree into pieces and then built a 17th Century joined chest with them.
I am passionate about... Working with client teams to achieve their goals.

Nathan Chestnut

Customer Relations Manager

Guide our existing client base on the path to success within the Attainia Applications

Before Attainia, I did…Training and Development at Grand Canyon University

Getting to know me...
I jam to... The Beatles, Johnny Cash, Tom Petty, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, etc…
I cheer for... I am a massive Chicago Cubs and Arizona Cardinals Fan, but my favorite team is my daughter’s club Softball team that I coach. The AZ Suncats
I can... Have an entire conversation (with Rachel) using only movie quotes
This one time... I married my High School Sweetheart.
I am passionate about... Ensuring our users receive excellent training and support within our applications.

Shannon Field

Implementation Specialist

I provide valuable hands-on help for the implementation of large projects.

Before Attainia, I spent 7 years working in the OR as a medical device rep.

Getting to know me...
I jam to... Pop music!
I cheer for... Dallas Cowboys and TCU Horned Frogs
30 The number of hikes I plan to accomplish in 2017. I'm already up to 12!
This one time... I lived in Montreal for six months...without knowing how to speak French. I left knowing how to read a menu.
I am passionate about... Health interventions and customer training.

Patti Welker

Customer Relations Manager, Suppliers

Managing the relationship for all supplier accounts at Attainia.

Before Attainia, I was a Medical Equipment Planner.

Getting to know me...
I jam to... All music!
I cheer for... The Tennessee Titans
My favorite activities: Hiking with my Golden Retriever, Jackson; Yoga
This one time... I really enjoy spending time with my family and friends.
I am passionate about... Helping share the value in Attainia with all of the suppliers using the system.

John Lensgraf

Customer Relations Manager

Working with clients and our Attainia teams to deliver the best possible solutions.

Before Attainia, I worked in marketing and advertising for close to 10 years.

Getting to know me...
I jam to... The Bill Evans Trio
I cheer for... University of Tennessee Football
35+ The number of Hatch Show Print posters I have collected.
This one time... I got to visit the Cracker Barrel warehouse to pick out a cracker barrel for a photo shoot with Charlie Daniels.
I am passionate about... Working with clients to achieve their goals.


The brains that architect the Attainia applications line by line.

Alex Maskovyak

Director, Software Engineering

Managing the team that make the computers go *beep* *boop*

Before Attainia, I built platforms to process healthcare and social media data.

Getting to know me...
I jam to... Mindless Self Indulgence
I cheer for... Cleveland Indians (alt text: whichever team is winning; I’m a fairweather fan)
12,000 Average photos taken in a given year (Nikon DSLR eco-system)
This one time... I got lost in a blizzard in the dark while hiking up Mt Koyasan trying to get to the Buddhist Temple I was lodging at.
I am passionate about... Software craftsmanship and building the tools to make it a joy for teams of developers to build cool stuff.

Stephen Mercier

Director of Software Architecture and DevOps

Architects the unbreakable infrastructure to host and manage Attainia's applications.

Before Attainia, I was a senior systems and DevOps admin.

Getting to know me...
I jam to... The simultaneous hum of multiple servers.
I cheer for... The most relevant of sports teams!
613 Broken hard drives I've accumulated over the years.
This one time... I could swear that I was being spied on. My identity must remain a secret from all!
I am passionate about... Building scalable and intelligent infrastructures and learning the most up-to-date ways to improve our technology.

Chuey Anima

Director of Data Services

Maintain and develop data related projects at Attainia.

Before Attainia, I was an Oracle DBA.

Getting to know me...
I jam to... Red Hot Chili Peppers
I cheer for... Golden State Warriors
20 The number of years I've been married to my best friend.
This one time... I tripped and fell at a Stanford football game and 25,000+ people roared in laughter.
I am passionate about... Working closely with my team and delivering great results.

Lori Ordonez

DBA Data & Analytics Manager

I do almost anything data-related.

Before Attainia, I managed the intranet at Stanford Children's Hospital.

Getting to know me...
I jam to... Any song I can run to.
I cheer for... Golden State Warriors
20 Number of half marathons I've run.
This one time... I was on a TV game show called Supermarket Sweep.
I am passionate about... Crafting data into graphs and charts that tell a story.

Jason Rego

Software Developer

Develop and maintain Attainia software products.

Before Attainia, I did software development for video games.

Getting to know me...
I jam to... New Order
I cheer for... Arizona Diamondbacks
I grew up... In Hong Kong.
This one time... I bumped into Alice Cooper at a coffee shop in Bangkok.
I am passionate about... Complex problem solving.

Manny Gatip

Software Developer

Write front and back end code for new and existing projects.

Before Attainia, I was a software applications developer at United Biosource Corp.

Getting to know me...
I jam to... The Smiths
I cheer for... Houston Rockets
4 Number of states I've lived in in the past 15 years.
This one time... In Manila, I drove a cab that I flagged down and paid the full fare upon reaching my destination.
I am passionate about... Writing code and learning any new things I can learn in the process.

Jono Mercier

Integration Program Manager

I am the official hat model of Attainia. So many hats. All over the place.

Before Attainia, I was a software project manager and assistant client services director.

Getting to know me...
I jam to... Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Pink Floyd, Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly, In Flames
I cheer for... The Chicago Cubs (curse you for converting me JH)
3 The number of miles I try to run every day.
This one time... I got called upon to attend the Council of Elrond to discuss how to get rid of a piece of cursed jewelry.
I am passionate about... Completing projects with exceptional polish while simultaneously learning as much as I possibly can.

Roy Peters

QA Engineer

Responsible for conducting QA testing and development of processes and procedures.

Before Attainia, I was QA manager and Automation developer for the state of Arizona.

Getting to know me...
I jam to... Nightwish, Disturbed and a lot of classic rock.
I cheer for... Hockey - a team sport that has the best all around athletes in the world.
15,000 Number of feet I have skydived from.
This one time... A bear chased me up a fire tower. I had to ask the helicopter pilot if bears could climb fire towers.
I am passionate about... Doing what is most important to plan, create, and maintain software quality.

Steven Banas

UI/UX Designer

I design the Attainia products and interfaces to be as helpful and intuitive as possible.

Before Attainia, I did UX/UI design at Digital Air Strike helping design and roll out their new client dashboard and mobile app.

Getting to know me...
I jam to... Muse
I cheer for... The Red Wings
13 The number of Land Before Time movies I've watched in a row.
This one time... Married to my best friend in the world. She vowed to love me, but she also vowed to make me Mac an Cheese at least once a month.
I am passionate about... Understanding how our minds work and then applying that knowledge to designing user friendly interfaces.


These brave Attainians scour data and documents to bring the Attainia Catalog to life.

Pam Evans

Director of Technical Content

Leads and manages the technical team responsible for entering vital catalog data into Attainia.

Prior to Attainia, I was the queen of spades.

Getting to know me...
I jam to... You name it, I jam to it!
I cheer for... The team with the prettiest helmets.
12 My shoe size, unfortunately.
This one time... I became fortunate enough to be a part of building the world’s largest, accurate resource for Healthcare capital planning information.
I am passionate about... Building the world’s largest, accurate resource for Healthcare capital planning information.

Randall Bates

Content Manager

Attainia's customer support for catalog related issues and product information.

Before Attainia, I spent many years in the Healthcare sector, Clinical, and as a Medical Equipment Planner.

Getting to know me...
I jam to... Jazz, Miles Davis, 1959 composition of "So What"
I cheer for... Tennessee Titans
I really enjoy... Furniture restoration!
This one time... I keep a deep dark secret love for Tabasco sauce.
I am passionate about... Passionate about combing through the fine details of a spec sheet to make sure that it translates perfectly into Attainia's catalogue.

Vickie Feltner

Content Manager

Catalog research, creation of records, and maintenance updates for thousands of records.

Before Attainia, I worked in National Accounts, Equipment Planning and Database Management.

Getting to know me...
I jam to... Rod Stewart
I cheer for... Frisco Roughriders
100 The number of dogs I have personally or helped rescue by finding them a forever home.
This one time... I orchestrated the donation of supplies and medical equipment for disaster relief aid after a devastating earthquake in Mexico.
I am passionate about... Utilizing my propensity for detail and accuracy to make the Attainia Catalog the very best it can be.

Deborah J. Lee

Content Manager

Work daily to ensure quality planning content is available for members.

Before Attainia, I worked for Facilities Development Inc. in Occupancy Move Planning.

Getting to know me...
I jam to... AC/DC, Shinedown
I cheer for... Arizona Cardinals, Pittsburgh Steelers
34 The number of survivor series I've watched.
This one time... Channel 3 interviewed me during Autism Awareness Week 2014 to promote the school my daughter was attending.
I am passionate about... Continuing to meet the content needs of the planning community while improving processes as Attainia grows.

Jill Murdock

Content Associate

Research and collect equipment data for the Attainia content team.

Before Attainia, I was an Automated Metering Specialist for Duke Energy.

Getting to know me...
I jam to... Country Music
I cheer for... Carolina Panthers
I can... Train a horse to pleasure ride from start to finish.
This one time... I was thrown off the same horse 6 times within 2 hours before finally giving up and selling her to be used in rodeos.
I am passionate about... Entering accurate content in a timely manner.


The secret agent responsible for all the inner-workings of Attainia's livelihood.

Looking for a thought leader?

Here at Attainia, we are always looking for ways to share our expertise and best practices regarding the planning and management of capital equipment and SaaS software design. We are proud offer a speaker program that sends Attainians accross the globe to present and speak at a conference, summit, forum, or workshop. If you or someone you know is hosting an event soon and would like an Attainia speaker, please submit the form below and we'll be in touch soon!

Am I guaranteed a speaker?

While we will do everything we can to be available for your special event, there may come a time where our speakers are overbooked and we may have to decline an engagement.

Do I have to pay for a speaker?

There is no speaker fee. Though we would be appreciative if our speaker has their expenses paid, there is no cost for an Attainian speaker.

Can I get an executive to speak at my event?

Our executives are very busy people and might not be able to commit as a speaker, however there are many other candidates that are qualified and willing to talk away the night.

What topics do your speakers cover?

Attainian speakers are experts in SaaS software, hospital planning, capital equipment lifecycle planning and management, and healthcare equipment catalogues.

It isn't going to be a sales pitch, right?

While we are always happy to meet prospects or sales leads, we promise that us speaking at an event will not be a sales pitch.

Attainia Speaker Request Form