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A Solid Foundation

The Attainia capital medical equipment catalog is the foundation upon which all Attainia solutions are built. The catalog provides Attainia users (healthcare providers, equipment planners, and architects) the ability to browse, search, select, and monitor capital equipment in more than 4,500 categories from more than 2,400 healthcare industry suppliers. Information from the catalog forms the foundation for making the right decision prior to the submission of capital equipment requests or inclusion of items in projects.

Constantly Improving

Attainia has a team dedicated to the management and improvement of the Attainia capital medical equipment catalog. This team is constantly reviewing existing items for updates, researching new items to be included, and reviewing requested items by users. Their time and effort spent up front managing the catalog will cut down on time healthcare providers, equipment planners, and architects spend doing capital equipment research and data compilation.

Attainia's catalog evolves every day:

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