What Excites You Most About PLAN-IT | PROJECT?

The Attainia PLAN-IT | PROJECT application is ultra-efficient, user-friendly — and available to Attainia users now. Hear from some of Attainia’s team members – who also have equipment planning backgrounds – about which features of the new platform make them the most excited.

Who: Naomi Cash, Director of Product
Background: Previously worked for a four-hospital IDN, where she was intimately involved in the equipment planning process and capital procurement. Has been a strong advocate for users and clients during her tenure at Attainia.
What makes me the most excited about PROJECT?: I’m most excited that PROJECT is truly built on input and validation from our users. When we set out to design the platform, we started with years of feedback from our clients, as well as input from our user council and a subset of users, and took all of it into consideration. That’s also why we are taking an iterative development approach: We put our baseline features out first, and constantly validate with our users that it works – or we pivot as needed. Our users are at the heart of every decision we make for this application.

Who: Valerie Lynch, Solution Specialist
Background: Former in-house equipment planner for a large IDN. Also has experience working with a GPO as a senior consultant in the capital and construction space. Currently works with potential new clients to showcase Attainia’s functionality and features.
What makes me the most excited about PROJECT?: I am most excited about our new interactive data and analytics feature. This allows users to generate and export any number of visual analytics, like graphs and tables. As a former equipment planner, I know how important it is to share the right project data with the appropriate project team and stakeholders. PROJECT has reimagined the way this data looks and feels to give the user the ability to provide detailed insights into what they can do with their data, not only in just one project—but multiple at the same time! The power of data cannot be understated, and Attainia is putting our users in the driver’s seat to provide invaluable data-driven insights into their projects.

Who: Shawnita Ogunleye, Project Manager
Background: Previously worked for an architecture firm in the equipment planning department where she used Attainia to create requisitions and track purchase orders. Currently part of the Attainia Implementation Team that trains new users on the software and best practices.
What makes me the most excited about PROJECT?: I am most excited about the positive feedback we have already received from our users who have migrated! Every time I conduct a PROJECT training, I hear: “I love it!” or “That’s awesome!” from our users. The familiar features in 2.0 are being reimagined and expounded upon to reflect the ever-changing needs and use cases of our users. This makes me confident that PROJECT will continue to give our users the tools they need to be successful.

Who: Dennis Murdock, Account Director, GPO
Background: Previously worked for a GPO where he was involved in the technology assessment of capital equipment, along with equipment planning and contract launch details for their membership. Currently works with GPOs for collaboration and representation of their contract information in the Attainia catalog.
What makes me the most excited about PROJECT?: I’m excited about the ability for PROJECT to be quickly and easily scalable, and the fact that it does not use flash in browsers to function. This allows for quick, smooth and seamless navigation – in addition to many new and innovative features. We also now host the application in Amazon Web Services (AWS), which completely removes our dependence on data centers and allows for more uptime and a stable, reliable platform.

Are You Ready for PROJECT?

Current Attainia users can start working in PROJECT now. If you are ready to adopt the new platform, contact your Client Success Expert for more information at [email protected].

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