[Use Case] Leading Construction Firm Leverages Attainia as Its Every Day Tool for Serving Clients

Who: Projects Coordinator
Company: Top Construction and Architecture Firm
Location: Offices Across the United States

The Projects

With more than 60 years of service to the healthcare market, this leading commercial construction and architecture firm completes a broad scope of medical equipment planning projects for their clients. Projects range from hospital new construction to free-standing emergency departments, clinics, simulation labs, and more.

The Product

“PLAN-IT is our everyday tool for planning projects and serving our clients,” a projects coordinator for the firm said.

With a collaborative interface and pre-built room templates, PLAN-IT enables organizations to streamline communication and plan projects up to 75% faster than with spreadsheets and manual processes.

In addition, the single-point-of-entry system helps teams work collaboratively and from a single source of truth. This helps mitigate the risks associated with planning medical equipment with spreadsheets and manual processes.

“With PLAN-IT,” the projects coordinator said, “we are able to organize and present information to our clients in a digestible way, and keep the planning process streamlined and straightforward.”

Key Features

“We use a variety of features within PLAN-IT every single day,” said the projects coordinator. Here are a few key features she highlighted:

  • “Room templates help us plan faster, and also enable us to quickly pull together initial budgets for projects that are being scoped,” she said.
  • The integrated equipment catalog saves a tremendous amount of time that the planners would spend searching for products. “It’s not only the depth and breadth of the catalog that helps us,” the projects coordinator said, “it’s also that it’s so easy to search and find what we need. It’s like our version of Google.”
  • Visual reporting allows the team to easily share project data with clients in a digestible way. “Being able to run reports at any given time and not have to wait a day for a process to happen – that’s a big deal for us,” the projects coordinator said.

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