Supporting the Medical Equipment Planning Community Through the Challenges of the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic

Supporting the Medical Equipment Planning Community Through the Challenges of the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic

Healthcare organizations are currently facing unprecedented challenges brought on by the Coronavirus pandemic. For key stakeholders involved in the medical equipment planning process, this has brought on several new challenges: 

  • Projects can be unexpectedly prolonged or accelerated. 
  • Entire teams are suddenly working from home with very little preparation or resources. 
  • New types of spaces need to be planned.

As your partner in medical equipment planning, we are here to help. Attainia offers a collaborative platform that allows medical equipment planners to plan spaces quickly, accurately and efficiently for new construction, expansion and renovation projects. With pre-built department and room templates – including ICU and isolation room templates – and an extensive product catalog of more than 66,000 SKUs, Attainia can reduce planning time by 75% or more. 

Read on to find out how Attainia can help you address the new challenges facing equipment planners presented by COVID-19 – as you plan new spaces now, and prepare for the future. And know that if your organization is ready to get started with Attainia and needs to plan a project quickly, you can get up and running – and planning projects – in Attainia in as little as one week with our accelerated implementation program, which focuses on daily training and interactive project building sessions.

Work Faster

If your organization has a need to rapidly increase capacity, or if you need to plan a project quickly, Attainia’s tools can help you get projects off the ground and to completion in an expedited time frame. 

There are two key components of the Attainia platform that help you save time:

  • Pre-built templates. Attainia offers more than 1,400 department and room templates to help jump-start your planning. Each template includes an equipment list and average pricing, which allows you to share accurate budget numbers with your organization for future planning. Organizations also have the ability to create and save custom room templates for even more time savings.
  • Industry-leading integrated catalog. The Attainia platform is powered by a catalog of more than 66,000 products across 5,000 categories, and represents a community of more than 3,500 suppliers. Many products in the catalog are accompanied by a spec sheet; product image; budget price; all required mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) data; and any supporting documents that the supplier offers. Additionally, working with Attainia also gives you access to our team of medical equipment experts that can research and validate new product data for our catalog when you need it. What does this mean for equipment planners? You can focus on planning equipment and complete projects quickly, rather than spend time researching products.

Work Anywhere

Is your team suddenly working remotely due to isolation, stay-at-home or shelter-in-place orders? If you’re managing projects in spreadsheets, finding a way to effectively collaborate is extremely challenging with a physically dispersed team. Because the Attainia platform is a cloud-based web application, all project team members and stakeholders with Internet access can access the platform anytime, from anywhere. This releases teams from the constraints of accessing documents and data saved on a local server or document sharing site, and allows all project team members to easily work from home, in the office — or anywhere — without disruption.

Work Together

In a time when many organizations are experiencing unprecedented disruptions to workflow, Attainia’s collaborative environment brings all stakeholders together directly within the platform, allowing for real-time communication and enhanced decision making. 

Attainia also serves as the single source of truth and as a historical repository for project information. All project data lives within the platform rather than in a spreadsheet or saved on a server — or worse, in the mind of one individual. This gives all team members direct access to real-time project data without having to request it from the project planner.

Watch how the Attainia Platform Accelerates and Automates the Equipment Planning Process

Work Smarter

There’s no better time than now to ensure that your planning process is as effective as possible. Attainia’s planning platform helps you save money and increase your planning accuracy.

  • Drive standards. Equipment standards are critical to the success of an organization – they help control costs and ensure continuity for clinicians and technicians. Attainia enables you to create and bring visibility to your organization’s standards through the use of room templates. You can also highlight standards in the catalog by using Favorites. 
  • Enforce your GPO contract. The Attainia catalog allows you to easily see which products are on contract with your GPO. Ensure the equipment you are specifying for your project is on contract and providing the best value.
  • Business insights. Gain direct access to meaningful business intelligence and reporting for enhanced and informed decision making. 

Attainia has been supporting key stakeholders involved in medical equipment planning for almost 20 years, and will continue to strive to find ways to assist the healthcare community during this time of crisis. Let us know if you’d like to assess if Attainia is right for your organization.

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