Case Study: Intermountain Healthcare Saves Time and Money with Attainia

Intermountain Case Study

Company: Intermountain Healthcare
Location: Salt Lake City, UT
Size: 24 Hospitals

The Challenge

Intermountain’s expansive network of hospitals and clinics made equipment planning an expensive and time-consuming task. Specific pain points included:

  • Limited resources dedicated to equipment planning
  • The time-consuming nature of hunting down product specification sheets, generating reports, and manually identifying contract 
  • and buy opportunities
  • Managing several dozen projects in flight at any one time

The Solution

Intermountain implemented Attainia’s planning platform, a collaborative, cloud-based software for medical equipment planning. With 1,400 room templates, Attainia enables organizations to collaborate on equipment lists for all project types. 

In addition, Attainia is supported by an industry-leading catalog of more than 66,000 products from 3,500 suppliers. This drastically cuts down on the time needed to track down product specification sheets.

Because the platform identifies capital contract and catalog items, Intermountain is able to save time and maximize savings opportunities through greater contract compliance and standardization.

The Outcome

Intermountain has used Attainia on dozens of projects, from small room changes to multi-million dollar construction projects, and has saved thousands of dollars and man hours in the process. 

By using Attainia’s room templates, the team improved initial budgeting accuracy and reduced time in creating initial construction docs. Intermountain also developed several of their own templates that they share and replicate. They have been able to complete more projects in house with the same number of full-time employees.

“With tools like this, we now have the power,” said Steven Isakson, equipment planner at Intermountain. “Every time we start a project, we are not recreating the wheel. It ultimately makes you better at your job.”

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