Achieving Data Aggregation More Effectively with Attainia

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Healthcare facilities are complex systems. There are countless moving parts, numerous divisions, a plethora of systems and platforms, and a whole host of employees. They also face some of the strictest regulations of any industry. These factors make oversight a major challenge. Fortunately, technology is providing these organizations with solutions—one of which is comprehensive data aggregation. Attainia offers health care providers with this tool and the benefits of their platform are broken down below.

Attainia Products

There are three categories of products that Attainia offers. Each of these products has a different purpose, yet they work seamlessly together in order to allow organizations to enter, oversee, and evaluate data in a more aggregated way.


This product is all about connecting the data from a healthcare agency’s new construction or renovation project with a point of entry that is cloud-based. It provides users with a single place to enter, store, and view equipment specifications, make budget changes, track equipment, and communicate with stakeholders.

The platform has a catalog that is unparalleled by any other in the industry. It has a growing list of medical equipment SKUs, numbering in the tens of thousands. This allows management to build an accurate list of their own equipment. The detailed catalog information helps leadership to avoid costly planning mistakes and keeps contractors and architects within the organization’s vision and best practices.

PLAN also allows:

  • Access from any device in any location.
  • Multiple projects to be on the platform at the same time.
  • Capital planning that enables management to budget before the project, procure equipment, oversee equipment installation, create phases and dates for projects, install codes, and more.
  • Communication with stakeholders that are part of the organization, as well as with those who are temporarily contracted for a specific project.
  • The use of pre-made templates or the creation of customized templates so that every project can be accurately budgeted for.



Attainia offers a cloud-based software that puts all capital medical equipment requisition in a single place. From start to finish, all annual capital equipment requests are processed, removing the silos that once existed for each department’s capital equipment requests.

Instead of a clinician making a request for specific equipment and hoping to not be denied down the line, they are brought into the process, making it much more transparent. The bird’s eye view that comes with this platform enables equipment to be categorized in a way that increases its availability for reuse—the equipment list can even be published or linked to an internal communication system.

BUDGET allows:

  • Healthcare organizations that have multiple facilities to leverage a single, aggregated platform for all requests to be made on.
  • Management to view all capital equipment, whether it is on standard or on contract.
  • The organization to gain the benefit of volume discounts by aggregating all capital equipment requests instead of each piece being purchased individually.
  • Hierarchy to be customized so that departmental and committee approval can be streamlined and permission-driven.
  • The reuse of equipment to be simplified because dimensions, electrical requirements, and cut sheet information are linked.



This product is dedicated to making planned capital more transparent. Whether that capital is construction, renovation, or equipment, management has access to a platform that offers an aggregated view.

At its core, PREDICT is an analytics dashboard. It helps every department to more effectively plan for their capital needs and for leadership to ensure they are maintaining standardization throughout the organization. This, in turn, encourages better contract compliance because all equipment from Attainia’s other systems can be viewed in PREDICT.

Additionally, PREDICT permits:

  • Organizations to save money by reducing costly change orders—instead, medical equipment specifications are updated in real-time.
  • In a similar way to BUDGET, users to gain volume discounts by planning for routine replacement orders.
  • Inventory information to be loaded through Attainia’s exhaustive catalog.


Data Services

When organizations use Attainia’s products, they also get access to Attainia’s data management services. The beauty behind these services is that they provide even more data aggregation with tools outside of Attainia’s offerings. Organizations are empowered with total integration.

  • The products integrate with e-Builder so that equipment data can be sent from and back to PLAN.
  • It works well with ERPs to eliminate data entry redundancy.
  • Different organizations that both use Attainia can migrate data to one another.
  • The systems work well with various design programs, allowing for data to be moved into a design or construction program in real-time.


The list of integrations goes on and on, from importing data from different sources to a partnership with FreightTraing to more accurate equipment layouts with CodeBook. Additionally, because equipment descriptions are normalized, the process of data migration is much less confusing.

The Benefits Of Data Aggregation

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The aggregation of data is appealing to businesses in all sectors because it provides leadership with a more organized view of what is going on within the company. When the aggregated data is analyzed, it offers deeper insights that can transform a company’s strategy. It can increase profits, enable a business to better serve customers, reduce employee attrition, and so much more. In short, when all business data is in one place, it lets leadership see what is truly happening within all of its systems and processes.

The Key To Successful Data Aggregation

Data aggregation is no simple process for any business. The main reason for this is the countless systems and platforms that any given company relies on. Some of them work well together and integrate easily. Others, especially legacy systems, become siloed. This is why it is essential for organizational leadership to review the software that is used. If a system does not provide flexibility when it comes to data migration, it loses most of its benefits. The right platform provider will find ways for any data to be easily imported and exported.

Attainia has the ability to aggregate data, giving facilities the means of analysis and standardization from inventory, through project development, and into annual capital equipment predictions. Funneling data into a coordinated summary that links yesterday, today, and tomorrow for capital expenditures with a tool for reference and planning.

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