Could You Benefit from an Attainia Enterprise License?

Are you looking to take your Attainia experience to the next level in terms of visibility, collaboration and control? An upgrade to an enterprise license is a great option for some organizations to expand the reach of the Attainia implementation within their organization.

“Our enterprise clients have the flexibility and control to use our equipment planning platform to its full potential,” says Kaileena Sandoval, account executive. “We can partner with you to assess if this type of license is right for organization.”

With an enterprise license, an organization can:

  • Grant an unlimited number of stakeholders access to the platform for the ultimate collaborative experience. Set up your biomedical engineers, IT, supply chain and more with Attainia login credentials so they can review and approve project details directly within the application.
  • Control the level of access granted to your users. Does the IT team simply need to log in to approve an equipment selection? Give them read-only access to view the project details. As an admin, you can also change the permissions for each user anytime.
  • Collaborate with a third party directly within your instance of Attainia. You can give any external organizations – such as a facilitator or provider, depending on your business type – read or read/write access to work directly within your projects via a provisional license. 
  • Benefit from additional support from the Attainia team. Gain access to all support and suggestion cases logged by the team, and participate in quarterly business reviews with the Attainia client success team to ensure your organization is making progress toward your organization’s goals and objectives.
  • Leverage all the perks of the enterprise license at a fixed rate. Users can be added and removed at any time with no change to pricing.

Is an Enterprise License Right For Your Organization?

Let us help assess whether an upgrade is right for you. We will take into consideration your organization’s size, usage and more. Contact Kaileena Sandoval, account executive, to get the conversation started.


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