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Feature Release: Procurement 

We are excited to announce a major feature release now available in our PLAN-IT application: Procurement. 

The Attainia Procurement feature is a parity feature (with enhancements) for PLAN-IT. This important feature supports our users through their final, major phase of medical equipment planning. Procurement allows planners to attach one or more items to a requisition that can be used to share with buyers, who procure planned equipment, to meet project deadlines. 

The Procurement feature allows planners to: 

  • Attach quotes, site-specific drawings, and other details to a requisition – essentially “keeping all details in one place,” and 
  • Create a procurement package to send to the supply chain team, or buyers, that outlines specifically what is needed, along with all supporting documentation for purchase approvals. 

Attainia clients have been using procurement in the legacy platform (PLAN 2.0), and we are very pleased to now make this feature available in PLAN-IT. 

Why should I be excited about the launch of procurement in PLAN-IT? 

The launch of Procurement within PLAN-IT marks a major milestone in enabling medical equipment planners to leverage our newest, fastest platform for their entire planning process. 

  • Complete end-to-end equipment planning. Now, you can leverage PLAN-IT to not only budget, plan, and specify medical equipment, but you can also take your equipment list full course by requisitioning and tracking those items through the procurement process. 
  • Streamlined, organized procurement process. The enhanced Procurement feature allows equipment planners to maintain and consolidate important information, along with documents like invoices, PO numbers, bill-to and ship-to information, and more in one central location within the application. This information can easily be shared across departments with easy-to-use reports that allow users to export all pertinent information. 
  • Unblocks some users from migrating to PLAN-IT. Launching Procurement removes one of the final barriers for some of our clients who have been waiting to migrate to PLAN-IT. Now, these clients can migrate and take advantage of our newest platform that is faster, more intuitive, and offers upgraded features like customizable reports, enhanced analytics and more. 

How can I start using the Procurement feature in PLAN-IT? 

If you are already working in PLAN-IT, you can start using Procurement today! No additional steps are needed to access this feature. Contact your customer success manager if you would like information about training and support to help you get started with this new feature. 

If you have not yet migrated to PLAN-IT but are ready to learn more, contact your customer success manager to start making a plan.

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