20 Suppliers Recognized for Outstanding Performance within the Attainia Planning Community – Q1 2019

Planning capital equipment for IDNs involves committee approvals, clinician buy-in, complicated renovation and construction plans, and more.  To be successful, Attainia suppliers build relationships to help third-party planners, hospital systems, and their stakeholders select the capital equipment that allows them to provide the most innovative and best standard of care for the communities.  

The suppliers below are recognized for their outstanding performance in Q1 of 2019 with the Attainia planning community:


      1. CME
      2. Getinge
      3. Steris
      4. LogiQuip
      5. Spacelabs
      6. Blickman
      7. ASP
      8. Hill-Rom
      9. GMi
      10. Solaire
      11. Mac Medical
      12. Health O Meter
      13. Zoll
      14. Midmark
      15. Olympus
      16. Pedigo
      17. AFC Industries
      18. Carolina OFS
      19. Unetixs
      20. Cadwell


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David Newton
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David Newton

VP of Supplier Relations and Catalog