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Bring efficiency and collaboration to the capital planning process.

PLAN allows users to create and edit preliminary working and final healthcare capital equipment lists for new construction, expansion, and more.



Streamline the healthcare equipment request process.

BUDGET allows users from multiple facilities can submit requests, navigate the approval process, and get visibility systemwide.



Get visibility into each project’s capital equipment budget and track planned budgets in real-time.

PREDICT provides visibility into planned and budget capital for healthcare systems.


Clients’ Testimonials

Medical Equipment Solutions uses PLAN for all healthcare capital equipment. It is the industry standard.

Attainia’s database allows us to keep a record of the projects a lot easier than a spreadsheet, which can lose information with a single wrong keystroke. It gives us a one-stop-shop research tool in one place, rather than trying to keep a spreadsheet and trying to go to Google to find stuff.

Attainia’s capital equipment budgeting software has helped Memorial Hermann Healthcare System’s progress towards building the most efficient supply chain of any major health system.

Attainia helps you build a project, keep track of what we need, what decisions were made, and which have not been made, and for every decision there is a piece of equipment that needs to be ordered. Attainia’s reporting capabilities are very valuable.

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