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Innovative Solutions to Manage the Complex Capital Equipment Lifecycle

From planning new construction to requesting replacement capital equipment, Attainia is the resource for taking on the challenges faced in the capital equipment lifecycle. We provide software solutions for decision support, budget and requisition management workflow, equipment selection, and project planning. Contact us today and find out how our solutions can make the capital equipment lifecycle work for you.

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Some of Our Clients

Attainia Provides Capital Planning Solutions For:

Healthcare Providers

Facilitators: Equipment Planners & Architects


What Members Are Saying

Dena Goldberg

Planning Design & Construction

Stanford Healthcare

" Attainia helps you build a project, keep track of what we need, what decisions were made, and which have not been made, and for every decision there is a piece of equipment that needs to be ordered. Attainia's reporting capabilities are very valuable. "

Deborah Long


Medical Equipment Solutions, International

" Medical Equipment Solutions uses PLAN for all healthcare capital equipment. It is the industry standard. "

Doug Kendrick

Strategic Business

Philips Healthcare

" Attainia helps our customers accurately budget, plan for, and purchase Philips equipment. The monthly reports keep us focused on our prospective market share. "

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