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Thanks to the many attendees of the 2016 ACS, it was a great success. We at Attainia are truly thankful for everyone that gave time out of their schedules to attend. We are proud to have such a strong and involved community, and we are humbled by your commitment to helping us deliver the best in capital planning and budgeting solutions.
Solutions Built Upon an Industry Leading Catalog
Integrated into all Attainia solutions is the industry leading catalog for all capital equipment. This catalog provides Attainia members the ability to browse, search, select and monitor capital equipment in more than 4,500 categories from more than 2,400 healthcare industry suppliers. Information from the catalog forms the foundation for making good decisions prior to the submission of capital equipment requests or inclusion of items in projects. Click below to request more information about how the Attainia Catalog and Solutions can serve you.

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Announcing the partnership between Attainia and FreightTrain®. Now Attainia and FreightTrain® members get the complete solution by leveraging their data from Attainia's cloud-based capital planning software into the FreightTrain® FitUp™ module. This collaboration allows for visibility from beginning to end, planning to installation and use.

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Attainia offers solutions to accelerate success in capital equipment planning for equipment planners and architects. Imagine having all projects available at anytime, from any computer, anywhere, using tools tailored to equipment planning.


Attainia provides innovative solutions to manage the complex capital equipment lifecycle.

Attainia’s solutions are some of the world's most widely used for capital planning in healthcare. The Attainia community includes members from some of the largest healthcare architectural and planning firms, as well as healthcare integrated delivery networks and individual hospitals. With Attainia, you have real-time visibility and control over capital planning with cloud-based tools that address all of your project planning and routine replacement capital needs. The Attainia platform is backed by the industry-leading Attainia catalog of manufacturers, products and services. Contact us today and find out more about how Attainia can help drive your success.

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